Barley Rice Protein Discussion Paper

Barley Rice Protein Discussion Paper

Last updated: 07 June 2022

Committee Paper for Discussion - ACNFP/153/05

Advisory Committee For Novel Foods and Processes 

Application for Authorisation of Barley Rice Protein as a Novel Food.

Application number RP19                                  


The Committee reviewed this application for the first time at the April 2021 meeting, and again in September 2021 and January 2022. Further information on which to base the ACNFP’s assessment was sought. Members are invited to consider the response from the applicant and whether it addresses the requests for information satisfactorily or if further information is required. 


1. On the 9 January 2021, the FSA received a dossier from Evergrain for authorisation of barley rice protein, a mixture of protein from barley at levels of 0-100% and rice at levels of 0-60%. The applicant intends to market the product within the food categories: bakery products, breakfast cereals, spreadable fats and dressings, grain products and pastas, snack foods, jam, marmalade and other fruit spreads, candy/confectionery, dairy and dairy imitates, dessert sauces and syrups, meat imitates, soups and soup mixes, savoury sauces, legume-based spreads, nut-based spreads, energy drinks, foods and beverages intended for sportsmen and meal replacements for weight control. 

2.  The Committee reviewed this application for the third time at the 151st ACNFP meeting of January 2022. The Committee identified one area where additional information was required from the applicant to inform the safety evaluation of their application. Information was requested on the: 

  • Identity and Composition  

3. The applicant has provided a response to the Committee on these areas and the Committee is asked whether this addresses the outstanding questions on the dossier.  

4. To inform the discussion and further development of an opinion. The FSA’s request for further information and the applicant’s response are included as Annexes A and B (confidential), respectively. A draft opinion has been prepared and is provided in Annex C.  

The applicant’s response


5. The Committee sought further clarification on the proportion of starting materials used and if there would be anything else included in the starting mixture alongside rice and barley. In their response the applicant has clarified the percentage of starting materials that will be used will amount to 100%, with varying ratios of rice and barley only. The applicant has indicated that they will amend their specification to reflect that the range of both Barley and Rice starting material will be 30-70% 

Committee Action Required 

  • The Committee is asked whether the response from the applicant is sufficient to address its concerns in regard to the issues discussed at the last meeting. 
  • If so, the Committee is asked, whether it is content to recommend approval of Barley Rice Protein produced by Evergrain. A draft opinion is provided for consideration at Annex C. 
  • If not, the Committee is asked to indicate what further data is required and the feedback that should be given to the applicant.  

Annexes (Confidential)  

Annex A – Request for further information    

Annex B – Applicant’s response to request for further information  

Annex C - A draft opinion for consideration