ACNFP 2019 Meetings

Last updated: 19 July 2021

The ACNFP typically meet six times a year and at approximately two-month intervals. 

Links to the details and documents shared at these meetings can be found below:

7th May 2019

Agenda Items:

  • Review of the Committee's assessment of traditional food notifications Moringa Stenopetala Application (2015/2283 EU) 

  • Update on Risk Analysis guidelines

10th July 2019

Agenda Items:

  • Maqui (Aristotelia chilensis) application (2015/2283 EU)
  • Cocoa pulp (Theobroma cacao L.) Dossier number 866 (2015/2283 EU)
  • Cocoa pulp (Theobroma cacao L.) Dossier number 1014 (2015/2283 EU)
  • Future ways of working - GM Dossiers - Reserved Business

11th September 2019

Agenda Items:

  • Risk Analysis Guidelines - Reserved Business

27th November 2019

Agenda Items:

  • Herbal Infusion from Coffee Leaves; Dossier number NF2018/0704 (2015/2283 EU)
  • Horizon Scanning - GM & Novel Foods
  • Future ways of working; Insect Dossier - Reserved Business
  • ACNFP Code of Practice update