Cetylated Fatty Acids Discussion Paper

Last updated: 15 November 2022

Committee Paper for Discussion - ACNFP/154/02

Advisory Committee for Novel Foods and Processes 

Application for Authorisation as a Novel Food for Cetylated Fatty Acids.

Draft Summary Opinion for Review - Application number 200


1. The Committee reviewed this application in November 2021 and June 2022. After assessing the applicant’s response, the Committee requested that the Secretariat draft a summary opinion for cetylated fatty acids as a novel food for input and clearance. The Committee is invited to consider the draft summary opinion for this novel food.


1. On the 7th March 2021, the FSA received the submission for Cetylated Fatty Acids from Pharmaneutra S.p.a by Intertek Scientific and Regulatory Consultancy Services. The Cetylated Fatty Acids are produced by reacting cetyl alcohol with myristic acid and oleic acid. The resulting esters (cetylated fatty acids) are then mixed with olive oil. This finished product is intended to be used as an ingredient in food supplements.

2. The Committee reviewed the dossier at the ACNFP meeting on 24th November 2021, and on 8th June 2022. Following the assessment by the Committee, no further information was sought from the applicant.

3. The Committee formally requested that the ACNFP Secretariat draft a summary opinion for cetylated fatty acids as a novel food. This paper can be found in Annex A.

Committee Action Required

  • The Committee is asked, whether it is content to recommend approval of Barley Rice Protein produced by Evergrain. A draft opinion is provided for consideration at Annex A.

ACNFP Secretariat September 2022


Annex A – Draft Opinion for Cetylated Fatty Acids as a novel food