4th ACNFP_PGT Subcommittee Meeting

Last updated: 19 April 2023

The 4th meeting of the ACNFP_PGT Subcommittee will be held as a virtual meeting at 10.00am on Monday the 21st of November 2022 via Microsoft Teams.

Executive Summary

  • Minutes from ACNFP-PGT1 and ACNFP-PGT2 were reviewed and agreed pending minor corrections. Further amendments were requested for the minutes from ACNFP-PGT3; these will be updated accordingly and recirculated with members for agreement. 

  • A workshop was held to further explore the factors that may be of concern, identified from case studies on Precision Bred Organisms (PBOs) in previous discussions, and the resulting triggers for further scrutiny or assessment. The Subcommittee refined the possible criteria identified to date. 

  • A workshop was held to discuss approaches to the scientific assessment of PBOs. Using previously identified triggers for further scrutiny or assessment, Members outlined a possible high-level approach to ensuring proportionate assessment and management of the expected risks of PBOs, and started discussing data requirements to support this approach.  

  • The outcomes of the Subcommittee’s workshop discussions will be summarised and further reviewed in an exceptional meeting to ensure a consensual position is reached, before bringing the conclusions to ACNFP for review using its wider expertise for endorsement.  


4th Meeting of the ACNFP_PGT Agenda


Minutes of the 4th PGT meeting held on the 21st of November 2022