155th ACNFP Meeting

Last updated: 19 April 2023

The 155th meeting of the ACNFP will be held on Wednesday 16th November 2022. Further details to follow.

Executive Summary

  • The Committee reviewed further information supplied by the applicant for Magnesium-L-threonate to be used as a food supplement following a request from the secretariat. The Committee identified further information was needed from the applicant on composition, production process, proposed use, ADME and nutrition to support a further review of the application.  
  • The Secretariat provided Members with an update of the work of the joint COT and ACNFP subcommittee on cannabidiol (CBD) and hemp derived products. This work continues to evaluate new safety data submitted by applicants on CBD.
  • The Committee held a workshop on Precision Bred Organisms to review the latest discussion of the PGT Subcommittee on the development of a framework for review and regulation of these organisms. The workshop evolved the discussions and provided support for the PGT Subcommittee to develop a proposal for further ACNFP input at their next meeting.
  • The Committee reviewed the final draft safety assessment outputs for Cetylated Fatty Acids and Barley Rice Protein following amendments to the format and style identified by members. The Committee agreed that no further review or request for information would be required and that the outputs were an accurate conclusion of the assessment undertaken on the application.
  • The Committee agreed that the 2021 ACNFP Annual Report is accurate, pending minor adjustments and agreed publication without further review.
  • The Committee were asked to advise on the data needed to assess the safety of extraction solvents used in novel food production processes for products seeking authorisation. Members agreed that the Secretariat should explore gathering information taken from other UK frameworks for chemicals, to provide an additional evidence base to inform review.


155th Meeting of ACNFP, 16th November 2022 Agenda 


Minutes of the 155th Meeting held on the 16th of November 2022

Meeting Papers

Magnesium L threonate (Magtein®)

Barley Rice Protein

Cetylated Fatty Acids