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Dr Camilla Alexander-White (Chair)

Last updated: 25 August 2020

Dr Alexander-White is a chemical safety assessor of 25 years’ plus experience and strategic advisor to the cosmetics and foods sectors on assuring the safety of product-critical ingredients or contaminants coming under regulatory scrutiny in Europe. She is a Eurotox registered toxicologist (ERT), chartered chemist (CChem) and Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (FRSC). After a decade at Unilever working on developing novel approach methodologies (NAM) for safety testing without animals and as Programme Manager covering safety programmes for foods and cosmetics products, she worked as Principal Scientist in human health at the Environment Agency (England and Wales) and then as Senior Manager with the global consultancy company Ramboll Environ. She has worked on regulatory dossiers across USA and EU on a wide range of challenging and globally critical product ingredients, novel foods products and environmental contaminants in air, soil, water and waste.

Dr Alexander-White works with consortia to develop safety strategies, facilitates round table discussions and workshops on safety issues and strategies, prepares safety dossiers for critical product ingredients and performs science advocacy and diplomacy work at UK & European Level.  In her work, she looks at the use and acceptance of Novel Approach Methods (NAM) in regulatory risk assessment. She works for the RSC as senior policy advisor, and over the past 3 years has been advising the government on chemical regulation post Brexit and on the development of a new Chemicals Strategy for the UK. She is also Vice-Chair of the board at LHASA Ltd UK, a not-for-profit organisation developing the use of a suite of in silico predictive toxicology approaches for chemical and drug safety assessment.

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Royal Society of Chemistry (Employee) (2016-present)

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MKTox & Co Ltd (Director & Shareholder) (2016-present)

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LHASA Ltd Scientific Charity (Vice Chair, Board of Trustees) (2016-present)

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IEH Consulting- Associate member

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Royal Society of Chemistry- Fellow

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Ramboll Environ UK Ltd (2016)

DEFRA (Consultant on C4SLS) (2014-2015)

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Great Ormond Street Hospital, NHS Foundation Trust Board (Governor) (2016)


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Unilever - Non Foods Related Project Research Funding (2014-2015)