Annual Report 2022 Discussion Paper

Last updated: 08 September 2023

Committee Paper for Discussion ACNFP/162/08 

Advisory Committee For Novel Foods and Processes

Annual Report  


The Committee issues a report, annually, outlining the work it has carried out in the preceding year. A draft of the 2022 report is attached for members comment and agreement (Annex A).   


1. The report includes links to the ACNFP website and 2022 meeting page leading readers to the agendas, minutes and non-reserved business committee papers for discussion from previous meetings.   

2. Information on work carried out by the newly formed PGT and CBD subgroups. 

3. A link to the member interest’s page on the ACNFP website has also been provided. If Members have any updates for this page please can these be provided to the Secretariat so these can be updated.   

4. The Food Standards Agency’s Good Practice Guidelines contain a list of principles which each FSA Committee is asked to reconsider annually as part of the preparation of its annual report. The Good Practice Guidelines are on page 24. Recognising the range of activities of the different Committees, the good practice document notes that not all the guidelines will apply to all Committees all of the time.   

5. If Members are content, it is proposed that the final text of the report be cleared by Chair’s action. However, a re-draft will be circulated to Members for comment if any substantial points are raised.  

Committee Actions Required

  • Members are also asked to consider the Committee's performance during 2022 against the Good Practice Guidelines and to suggest any areas where the ACNFP should review or adapt its working practices (pages 25-33).  
  • Members are requested to provide substantive comments on the report at the meeting. Any minor drafting points can be sent directly to the Secretariat.  


ACNFP Secretariat   

July 2023 

Annex A – 2022 Annual Report