144th ACNFP Meeting

25th November 2020

Last updated: 21 January 2021

The 144th meeting of the ACNFP was held online on Wednesday 25th November (10:30-15:00) via Microsoft Teams, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Executive Summary

  • The ACNFP discussed a new report on the risk profile of edible insects conducted by the FSA, describing it as a useful document that builds on the EFSA Report from 2015, highlighting new literature and identifying gaps in the knowledge, especially in the remits of microbiology, toxicology and allergy.
  • A horizon scanning scoping literature review conducted by the FSA to examine the key genome editing (GE) technologies being developed for potential use in food and feed applications was discussed. The review covered the range of GE technologies. The key areas of ongoing GE research were identified and different types of gene editing technology were discussed, some more complex than others, along with their implications for risk assessment of foods that could be produced in the future using GE technologies.
  • A literature review, commissioned by the FSA to i) identify available scientific literature detailing the hazards posed by existing GM and emergent GE techniques and ii) to compare the hazards posed by genome editing technologies to those posed by both conventional breeding and genetic modification techniques, was discussed. The Committee highlighted areas of safety concern for GM and GE, provided commentary and made suggestions for improvements to the document.
  • A generic Regulated Products Risk Assessment Template to be used by several Scientific Advisory Committees for a variety of topics was discussed and suggestions for improvement were advised.



Meeting Papers

  • A Committee Paper for Discussion. The Committee discussed the proposed Risk Assessment Template for new regulated products’ applications, post-EU exit