146th ACNFP Meeting

3rd March 2021

Last updated: 20 October 2021

The 146th meeting of the ACNFP was held online at 10.30am on Wednesday 3rd March via Microsoft Teams, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Executive Summary

The Committee discussed in detail a draft response of the ACNFP to the DEFRA genetic technologies consultation which was due to close on 17th March 2021. Between the 145th and 146th ACNFP meeting, the ACNFP had formed a five-member GE technologies working group to lead on the drafting of the response. The ACNFP thanked the sub-group for its work in preparing a well-considered draft response. A comprehensive discussion was held on 3rd March and the consultation letter response was edited and finalised after the meeting to reflect the Committee’s comments and collective view. The final response letter was submitted to the Defra consultation before the 17th March.



Meeting Papers

  • A Committee Paper for discussion. The Committee considered its first draft response to the DEFRA Gene Editing Consultation.

A Letter in Response to the DEFRA consultation on regulation of New Genetic Technologies can be found here