148th ACNFP Meeting

9th June 2021

Last updated: 09 September 2021

 The 148th meeting of the ACNFP was held online at 09.30am on Wednesday 9th June via Microsoft Teams, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Executive Summary

  • The Committee reviewed an application for “Calcidiol” as a nutrient source in food supplements received under the novel foods authorisation process and were asked whether there were safety concerns with the proposed use of this novel food in the UK. Discussion resulted in further information needing to be requested from the applicant.
  • An application for the traditional food “Go Wolffia”, was received by the FSA under the traditional food authorisation process.  The advice of the Committee will inform whether risk managers at the FSA and FSS wish to raise reasoned safety objections which would trigger a further assessment.  The applicant is seeking to use the traditional food as a fresh vegetable produce. The Secretariat drafted a summary of the Committee comments and put this out for a 10-day consultation to gather public comments to inform the assessment.
  • In January 2021, the Committee reviewed an application under the novel food authorisation process (Regulation 2015/2283) for a Cannabidiol (CBD) product made through chemical synthesis to produce a 99% pure CBD crystal that is intended to be used in a food supplement. The Committee were asked at 21st  April 2021 meeting whether the request for further information prepared to be sent back to the applicant was a correct representation of their views and concerns.  Further comments were raised and the draft refined. During this meeting, a revised version was presented for review by the Committee with minor edits and amendments suggested. The finalised request for further information is to be sent to the applicant. Further consideration is ongoing on the toxicological aspects of the dossier which are being considered in light of the COT’s work on CBD.
  • Since the 1st January 2021 the ACNFP has had a greater role in considering applications for novel foods and genetically modified food and feed. The terms of reference and code of practice had been refreshed by the Secretariat to reflect the evolving role of the Committee. The Committee reviewed and commented on the suggested revised text for the Terms of Reference and the Code of Practice and provided minor amendments which will be published on the ACNFP website.



Meeting Papers


The Committee will consider this new novel food application notification to market this novel food.

A Committee Paper for discussion.  The Committee is asked whether there are safety concerns with the proposed use of this traditional food in the UK market. 


A Committee Paper for discussion. Terms of Reference and Code of Practice.