New Committee Members Appointed

Last updated:
7 February 2017
The Food Standards Agency has appointed 4 new members to the Advisory Committee on Novel Foods and Processes. The new members strengthen the Committee’s expertise in microbiology of the gut, toxicology, clinical allergy and food production processes.

What is the ACNFP?

The ACNFP is a non-statutory, independent body of scientific experts that advises the FSA on any matters relating to novel foods (including genetically modified foods) and novel processes (including food irradiation).

There are 16 committee members in total.  Members are appointed to ensure that a broad spectrum of relevant eminent scientific expertise and knowledge is represented on the committee in order that issues can be examined thoroughly and individual applications can be considered on their merits.  The Committee provides independent scientific advice that informs policy in the area of novel foods and GM.

Members have expertise in a wide range of disciplines including genetic modification, nutrition, microbiology, food technology, toxicology and allergenicity. There are also three lay members: two consumer representatives, who provide a valuable insight into consumer concerns; and an ethicist, who advises on ethical issues relating to new foods and processes, including genetically modified foods.

Biographies of New Members

Dr Hamid Ghoddusi, BSc, MSc, PhD is Head of the Microbiology Research Unit and Food Science postgraduate program director at the London Metropolitan University. 

His research interests focuses on characterising lactic acid bacteria, including probiotics and particularly bifidobacteria and their potential applications in fermented dairy products.

Rebecca McKenzie BSc, MSc is an allergy specialist dietician in the Adult Allergy Team at the Royal Brompton Hospital.
She has a broad interest in clinical nutrition and research with a specific interest in food allergy and intolerance. She has seven years work experience in food allergy in a clinical setting. As a member of the Allergy Team she helps provide investigative and dietetic services for adult allergy clinics and day case food challenges. 

Lesley Stanley, MA(Oxon), PhD is an independent consultant in biomedical science and  investigative toxicology.

Dr Lesley Stanley is a toxicologist with over 30 years experience in assessing the effects of chemicals on human health. Since May 2005 she has been a freelance consultant in Investigative Toxicology, assisting clients with R&D advice, literature reviews and report/manuscript preparation.

Dr Anton Alldrick, BSc. Hons, PhD is special projects manager at Campden BRI. 

He has over 30 years experience in food safety. He currently provides consultancy, training and project management services in scientific regulatory affairs, food safety management, product/process design and optimisation as well as developments in toxicology to the food industry.