ACNFP Meeting: 21 September 2011

Agenda and papers for the Committee meeting at 10:30am Wednesday 21 September in conference room, 5 Aviation House, 125 Kingsway, London


1 Apologies and announcements

2 Minutes of the hundred and second meeting (DRAFT) ACNFP/102/MIN
Agreed by post in July 2011

3 Matters arising and postal consultations:

  • 3.1 Rooster combs extract ACNFP/103/P1
  • 3.2 Chia seed (additional use) ACNFP/103/P2
  • 3.3 Open Event: to be discussed in item 10/P3
  • 3.4 EFSA draft guidance on repeated-dose 90-day oral toxicity studies on whole food/feed in rodents ACNFP/103/P4
  • 3.5 Arachidonic acid-rich fungal oil ACNFP/103/P5
  • 3.6 GABA-enriched Lactobacillus ferment ACNFP/103/P6
  • 3.7 DHA and EPA rich microalgal oil ACNFP/103/P7

4 Polyvinyl Methyl Ether Maleic Anhydride Co-Polymer (Synthetic Chewing Gum Base): The Committee will consider the initial opinion of the Netherlands authority on this novel food ingredient. ACNFP/103/1

5 Extension of the Uses of Antarctic Krill Oil: The Committee will consider the initial opinion of the Finland authority on this novel food ingredient. ACNFP/103/2

6 Gamma Cyclodextrin: The Committee will consider information from the applicant regarding a proposed additional safety study. ACNFP/103/3

7 Licorice Root Extract: The Committee will consider a recent opinion of the EFSA Panel on Dietetic Products, Nutrition and Allergies on this novel ingredient. ACNFP/103/4

8 ACNFP advice: The Committee will review an updated list of actions following its advice (2008-2010). ACNFP/103/5

9 EFSA Draft guidance on the risk assessment of food and feed derived from GM animals. The Committee will consider this EFSA response to a consultation. ACNFP/103/6

10 Open Event The Committee will consider a proposal for the organisation and programme for the next ACNFP Open Event ACNFP/103/7

11 Items for information

  • 11.1 Maternal and foetal exposure to pesticides associated with GM foods ACNFP/103/8
  • 11.2 EU Update ACNFP/103/9
  • 11.3 Update on Scientific Advisory Committees (SACs) ACNFP/103/10
  • 11.4 Independent Review of SACS ACNFP/103/11
  • 12 Any other business

    Date of next meeting: Thursday 24 November 2011