ACNFP agenda and papers: 26 January 2005

Agenda and papers for the meeting of the committee at 10.30am on 26 January 2005, in Conference Room 5, Aviation House, 125 Kingsway, London.


1. Apologies and announcements

2. Minutes of the 69th meeting (DRAFT/ACNFP/69/MIN)

3. Matters arising (including postal consultations, if any)

  • Postal Consultation: 2001/18 - Application for the High Amylopectin GM potato clone EH92-527-1
    The Secretariat will report the outcome of this postal consultation on an application under the Deliberate Release Directive (ACNFP/70P/7)
  • 4. Isomaltulose
    Members will consider an initial assessment report prepared by the German Competent Authority (ACNFP/70/2)

    5. Juices and nectars with added phytosterols
    Members will consider a draft opinion on this novel food application (ACNFP/70/3)

    6. Lycopene rich oleoresin from tomato
    Members will consider further information submitted in relation to this novel food application (ACNFP/70/11)

    7. Nanoparticles in food
    Members will consider a paper inviting Members' comments on the use of nanoparticles in food (ACNFP/70/4)

    8. GM food safety assessment
    Members will consider a letter received following the Open Meeting in November (ACNFP/70/5)

    9. ACNFP Annual Report 2004
    Members will review the first draft of this report (ACNFP/70/6)

    10. Any other business

    11. Items for information

    • 11.1 EU Update (ACNFP/70/8)
    • 11.2 Update on substantial equivalence notifications (ACNFP/70/9)
    • 11.3 ACNFP Open meeting feedback (ACNFP/70/10)

    12. Date of next meeting: Wednesday 30 March 2005