ACNFP agenda and papers: 23 September 2004

Agenda and papers for the meeting of the Committee at 10.30am on 23 September 2004, in Conference Room 5, Aviation House, 125 Kingsway, London.


1. Apologies and announcements

2. Minutes of the 67th meeting (DRAFT/ACNFP/67/MIN)

3. Matters arising

4. ACNFP factsheet on Antibiotic Resistant Markers
Members will be asked to consider a revised factsheet on antibiotic resistant markers (ACNFP/68/1)

5. ACNFP factsheet on cholesterol lowering foods
Members will be asked to consider a redrafted factsheet on cholesterol-lowering foods (ACNFP/68/2)

6. ACNFP open meeting
Members will be asked to finalise their discussion on the organisation and agenda for the open meeting to be held on 24 November 2004 (ACNFP/68/3)

7. Any other business

  • Postal consultation: Lycopene oleoresin from tomatoes (Lyc-O-Mato ®) (ACNFP/68P/4)
  • 8. Items for information

    • EU update (ACNFP/68/5)
    • Safety of genetically engineered foods: a report on behalf of the national academies of the USA (ACNFP/68/6)
    • Update on substantial equivalence notifications (ACNFP/68/7)

    9. Date of next meeting: Thursday 25 November 2004