ACNFP Agenda and Papers: 22 April 2010

Agenda and papers for the Committee meeting at 9:30am on Thursday 22 April in conference room 5 Aviation House, 125 Kingsway, London


1 Apologies and announcements

2 Minutes of the ninety-sixth meeting (DRAFT) ACNFP/96/MIN

3 Matters arising including postal consultations:

4 Open event: This event has been postponed.

5 Bee venom for addition to honey: The Committee will consider responses to the consultation on the initial opinion for novel ingredient. ACNFP/97/1

6 Magnolia bark extract: The Committee will consider a draft opinion on the application for the authorisation of this novel ingredient. ACNFP/97/2

7 Chia seeds: The Committee will consider a draft opinion on equivalence of this novel food ingredient compared with its existing counterpart, in response from The Chia Company. ACNFP/97/3

8 Principles of Scientific advice to Government: The Committee will consider the principles for engagement between the Government and its independent scientific advisers” ACNFP/97/4

9 Horizon scanning meeting: The Committee will consider an oral update about the forthcoming meeting due to take place in November (oral update)

10 Items for Information

  • 10.1 Update on Nanotechnology ACNFP/97/5
  • 10.2 Update on Protein Subgroup (oral update)
  • 10.2 EU Update ACNFP/97/7
  • 10.3 Update on Scientific Advisory Committees ACNFP/97/8
  • 10.4 GM Update ACNFP/97/9

13 Any other business

Date of next meeting: Wednesday 7 July 2010