ACNFP Agenda and Papers: 7 July 2010

Agenda and papers for the Committee meeting at 10:30am Wednesday 7 July 2010 in Conference room 5 Aviation House, 125 Kingsway, London


1 Apologies and announcements

2 Minutes of the ninety-seventh meeting (DRAFT) ACNFP/97/MIN

3 Matters arising, including postal consultations:
(a) Phosphatidyl serine ACNFP/98/P1
(b) Lactoferrin ACNFP/98/P2

4 Licorice root extract: The Committee will consider the applicant’s response to its questions and concerns about this novel ingredient ACNFP/98/1

5 Phosphated Distarch Phosphate: The Committee will consider further information from the applicant concerning this novel food ingredient. ACNFP/98/2

6 Guar gum: The Committee will consider the initial opinion of the French authorities on this novel food ingredient ACNFP/98/3

7 Conjugated linoleic acid: The Committee will consider recent opinions of the EFSA Panel on Dietetic Foods, Nutrition and Allergy on this novel ingredient ACNFP/98/4

8 New techniques of genetic modification: The Committee will consider the techniques detailed in a report by the Advisory Committee on Releases to the Environment (ACRE), particularly in relation to the definition of a genetically modified organism ACNFP/98/5

9 ACNFP guidelines for low-level protein analysis: The Committee will consider a draft report regarding the analysis and detection of proteins in novel foods ACNFP/98/6

10 Preparation for horizon scanning meeting ACNFP/98/7

11 Items for information

  • 11.1 EU Update ACNFP/98/8
  • 11.2 SAC update ACNFP/98/9
  • 11.3 Update on G03 research programme ACNFP/98/10
  • 11.4 Improving engagement across SAC secretariats: A report of a series of workshops hosted by the Government Office of Science. ACNFP/98/11

12 Any other business

Date of next meeting: Thursday 23 September 2010