ACNFP Agenda and Papers: 2 July 2009

The meeting of the Committee at 10.30am on 2 July has been cancelled. Agenda items are expected to be taken to the next meeting on 16 September.


1 Apologies and announcements

2 Minutes of the ninety-third meeting (DRAFT)ACNFP/93/MIN

3 Matters arising including postal consultation

• REV-7: Report back on postal consultation concerning an initial assessment from the Dutch authorities on this novel ingredient which is a synthetic polymer proposed for use in chewing gum base

4 Bee venom for addition to honey: The Committee will consider a new application for the authorisation of this novel ingredient ACNFP/94/1

5 D-Ribose: The Committee will consider further information for the authorisation of this novel ingredient ACNFP/94/2

6 The role of ethics in the work of the ACNFP: The Committee will consider a paper on the ethics remit of the Committee ACNFP/94/3

7 Report on the long term effects of genetically modified crops: The Committee will consider relevant aspects of this report from a group of German research organisations ACNFP/94/4

8 EFSA Opinions on antibiotic resistance marker genes in GM plants: The Committee will consider two opinions recently published by EFSA's Scientific Panels on GMOs and on Biological Hazards ACNFP/94/5

9 Items for Information

  • 9.1 EU Update ACNFP/94/6
  • 9.2 Update on Scientific Advisory Committees ACNFP/94/7
  • 9.3 Status report on novel food applications ACNFP/94/8
  • 9.4 Protein allergenicity: An overview from the ILSI Health and Environmental Sciences Institute ACNFP/94/9

10 Any other business

11 Date of next meeting: Wednesday 16 September 2009