ACNFP agenda and papers: 13 March 2003

Agenda and papers for the meeting of the Committee at 10:30 am on Thursday 13 March 2003, in Conference Room A, Aviation House.


1. Apologies and announcements

2. Minutes of the 58th meeting (DRAFT/ACNFP/58/MIN)

3. Matters Arising

3.1 Gene Transfer: Members will be asked to discuss further the issue of gene transfer, and consider if further work is required or if they are content that research results have addressed their original concerns (ACNFP/59/1)

4. EnovaTM Oil: Members will be asked to consider the draft UK opinion for EnovaTM Oil (ACNFP/59/2)

5. Odontella aurita: Members will be asked to consider an Article 5 Notification for Microalga Odontella aurita (ACNFP/59/3)

6. Increasing the openness of the ACNFP: Members will be asked to discuss a paper on further measures to increase the Committees openness (ACNFP/59/4)

7. Factsheet: Members will be asked to discuss a redrafted factsheet on links between advisory committees (ACNFP/59/5)

8. Items for information

8.1 EU Update: Members will be updated on current issues discussed in Europe, including Noni Juice (ACNFP/59/6)

8.2 Oral update on applications dealt with by post

  • NK603 - Under 258/97
  • NK603 - Under 2001/18
  • GT73 - Under 2001/18

8.3 Assessments of Novel Foods and Deliberate Releases of GMOs (ACNFP/59/7)

9. Any other business

10. Date of next meeting: 22 May 2003