ACNFP Agenda and Papers: 9 February 2011

Agenda and papers for the Committee meeting at 10:30am Wednesday 9 February 2011 in conference room 5 Aviation House, 125 Kingsway, London WC2


1 Apologies and announcements

2 Minutes of the hundredth meeting (DRAFT) ACNFP/100/MIN

3 Matters arising, including postal consultations:
EFSA Draft Guidance on GM plant comparators ACNFP/101P/1
EFSA Updated Guidance on risk assessment of GM microorganisms and their food and feed ACNFP/101P/02

4 Under reporting in the National Diet and Nutrition Survey (NDNS). ACNFP/101/1

5 Dihydrocapsiate: The Committee will consider the outcome of the public consultation on the Committee’s draft opinion on this novel ingredient

6 Taxifolin: The Committee will consider a draft opinion on the application for the authorisation of this novel ingredient. ACNFP/101/3

7 Gamma-cyclodextrin: The Committee will consider further information from the applicant concerning this novel food ingredient. ACNFP/101/4

8 Phosphated Distarch Phosphate: The Committee will continue its discussion on outstanding concerns in the light of an EFSA opinion. ACNFP/100/5

9 Rooster Comb Extract: The Committee will consider a new application for the authorisation of this novel ingredient ACNFP/101/5

10 EPA and DHA rich algal oil: The Committee will consider a new application for the authorisation of this novel ingredient ACNFP/101/6

11 EFSA Guidance on Risk Assessment on Nanoscience and Nanotechnologies to Food and Feed The Committee will consider draft EFSA guidance, which was issued for public consultation on 14 January 2011 ACNFP/101/7

12 Protein Guidance: The Committee will consider the final draft of its guidance to applicants on low level protein measurement in novel foods. ACNFP/101/8

13 Open Meeting Feedback and 2011 workshop: The Committee will discuss feedback following the open workshop in November 2010 and will discuss the next workshop due to take place in 2011 ACNFP/101/9

14 Items for information:

  • 14.1 EU Update ACNFP/101/10
  • 14.2 Novel Food notifications ACNFP/101/11
  • 14.3 Monitoring of ACNFP Advice ACNFP/101/12
  • 14.4 Update on Meat and Milk from Cloned Cattle and their Progeny ACNFP/101/13

15 Any other business

Date of next meeting: Thursday 12 May