Noni juice: Agrolabs Inc.

December 2004: Application from Agrolabs Inc for an opinion on the equivalence of noni juice (from the fruit of <i>Morinda citrifolia</i> L). UK opinion finalised. Awaiting notification from the Commission.


An application for noni juice (juice of the fruit of Morinda citrifolia L) made under the Novel Foods Regulation (EC) 258/97 was approved on 5 June 2003. This approval applies to the applicant company only. However, Regulation (EC) 258/97 makes provision for novel foods or ingredients that are 'substantially equivalent' to an existing product to be placed on the market once the applicant has informed the European Commission.

In all cases to date, the EC has required that the applicant first obtain an opinion on equivalence from a Member State. Agrolabs requested such an opinion from the UK.

The basis of this request was that Agrolabs is the sole supplier of Cook Island noni juice to a company who gained a positive opinion on equivalence from another European Union country.

The ACNFP Secretariat has received written permission from the applicant to publish the schedules below as indicated.

Following an initial public consultation period the Agency, the UK Competent Authority for all novel food issues, decided that Agrolabs noni juice meets the criteria for equivalence as defined in Article 3(4) of Regulation (EC) 258/97. A copy of the letter informing the applicant of this decision can be found below.