Forbes Cholesterol-lowering Phytosterol Esters

FCP-3P7 is the product code for a cholesterol-lowering food ingredient containing esters of plant sterols and plant stanols produced by Forbes Medi-Tech.

FCP-3P7 has a composition intermediate between the active ingredients of two existing phytosterol containing yellow fat spread products available in EU markets: Benecol and Flora pro.activ. Forbes Medi-Tech wishes to market FCP-3P7 in EU countries as a yellow fat spread ingredient that could be substituted directly for either of the two existing products.

However, before introducing any new food product to the European market it is necessary to consider its position under the provisions of Regulation (EC) No 258/97 concerning novel foods and novel food ingredients. The Novel Foods Regulations are designed to ensure that novel foods and novel food ingredients are subjected to a thorough assessment of wholesomeness to protect public health.