Trehalose. EC No. 24

May 2000: Application from Bioresco for approval of Trehalose as a novel food ingredient. Authorised September 2001.

Trehalose is a naturally occurring simple disaccharide of glucose (sugar) produced in bacteria and yeast cells, fungi and algae, and a few higher plants. It is also found in small amounts in foods such as mushrooms, bread, honey and fermented drinks which are consumed as part of an everyday diet. Although of a similar calorific value to sucrose, it is only 40-45% as sweet. It would therefore be used to replace some of the sucrose in foods where the technological properties of sugar are needed but the desired taste is less sweet. Trehalose is proposed to be used in fruit fillings and toppings, cream fillings etc.

In September 2001 Bioresco were granted authorisation to market Trehalose in the EU by Commission Decision 2001/721/EC.