Phytosterol-esters in 'milk' and 'yogurt' type products. EC No. 39

August 2002: Application from Unilever for approval of phytosterol-esters to be included as a cholesterol-lowering ingredient in 'milk' and 'yogurt' type products. Authorised March 2004.

This was in addition to the approved use in Yellow Fat Spreads. The 'milk' type products would include skimmed, semi-skimmed and vegetable oil based milk variants.

The 'yogurt' type products include a range of natural and fruit flavoured yogurts. It is understood that, under EU milk legislation (EC Directive 95/2) and the varying national legislation across member states covering yogurt, the addition of phytosterol-esters, and other ingredients required to stabilise the products, will prevent the use of the term 'milk' and 'yogurt', to describe these Novel Foods.

Phytosterol-esters are considered to be the Novel Food Ingredient and the 'milk' and 'yogurt' type products with added phytosterol-esters the Novel Foods.

In March 2004 Unilever were granted authorisation to market Phytosterol-esters in 'milk' and 'yogurt' type products in the EU by Commission Decision 2004/335/EC.