Last updated:
3 December 2014
November 2014: Application from Amino Up Chemical Company Ltd for Oligonol® under the Novel Food Regulation (EC) 258/97. Under Evaluation.

The applicant’s Oligonol® is made by an oligomerisation reaction that cleaves the polyphenols present in a combined extract of lychee fruit and green tea into monomers and low molecular weight oligomers. Oligonol® is composed mainly of monomeric flavan-3-ols, as well as procyanidins formed from the condensation of these monomeric units.

The applicant proposes to incorporate Oligonol® into a range of different foods including dairy products, confectionery, cereals, bakery wares, non-alcoholic beverages and foods for particular nutritional uses and food supplements. Oligonol® is intended to serve as another source of dietary polyphenols which the applicant states have been associated with lowered risk of many chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer and chronic inflammation.

The ACNFP has completed its assessment and is now asking for comments on the opinion to inform the discussion of this dossier as it is considered in Europe.

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Any comments on this draft opinion should be sent to acnfp@foodstandards.gsi.gov.uk by 10 November 2017 and will be passed to the Committee and colleagues in the EU to inform the assessment of this novel food ingredient.

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