Inositol Stabilised Arginine Silicate (ASI)

Last updated:
25 July 2016
July 2016: Application from Nutrition 21 LLC for Inositol Stabilised Arginine Silicate to be approved for use in the European Union under Regulation (EC) 258/97 - under evaluation

The applicant intends for ASI to be used in products for special groups, fortified foods and food supplements. The UK notes that the use of the ingredient in these products requires assessment and authorisation under Council Directives 89/398/EEC, 2002/46/EC and Regulation (EC) 1925/2006, we have therefore concluded that the novel food application requires additional assessment, as foreseen in article 6(3) of Regulation 258/97, and that a decision on authorisation as a novel food ingredient should be taken once EFSA's advice is available.

On 23 June, the EU referendum took place and the people of the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union. Until exit negotiations are concluded, the UK remains a full member of the European Union and all the rights and obligations of EU membership remain in force. During this period the Government will continue to negotiate, implement and apply EU legislation. It will be for the Government, under the Prime Minister, to begin negotiations to exit the EU. The outcome of these negotiations will determine what arrangements apply in relation to EU legislation and funding in future once the UK has left the EU.

Comments on this application are requested from the public to assist in informing the Committee. Any comments on this application should be emailed to the ACNFP Secretariat at by 15 August 2016 and will be passed to the Committee to assist in informing its assessment of this novel food ingredient.

All views/comments received by the FSA will be made available for public examination. If you prefer your comments NOT to be made publicly available. please indicate this in your response.