Monsanto Roundup Ready soybeans line 40-3-2

1994: The ACNFP considered this line under its voluntary scheme in 1994. It was given clearance for food safety on 20 February 1995.

Roundup Ready soybean event has been approved for planting and/or consumption in a number of countries worldwide and products from this line consumed for a number of years.

In May 2000, Monsanto provided additional information regarding additional fragments (a 250bp partial fragment of the herbicide resistant gene was identified at the end of the intact gene. A separate 72bp herbicide resistant gene fragment was also identified) which had been inserted into the soya bean genome during the transformation process.

The ACNFP has considered two sets of data regarding these fragments.

Monsanto Roundup Ready soybeans

Dossier from Monsanto

Summary from Monsanto of further characterisation

Letter to ACNFP members regarding further data from Monsanto

In January 2002, the Committee considered further information on the Monsanto soya bean line 40-3-2, which had been provided by the Ministry of Midclass and Agriculture, Belgium.

The Committee has now concluded its consideration of the data and informed DEFRA (the lead Department for the UK opinion). See correspondence below.