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GM issues relevant to the work of the ACNFP

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GM maize line T25

1996: In 1996, the ACNFP considered the safety of processed food products obtained from GM maize line T25, modified to confer tolerance to the herbicide glufosinate (see Annex 2 of the ACNFP's 1996 Annual Report). The Committee concluded that food products from this line were as safe, for food use, as those obtained from conventional maize.

Rowett Institute: GM potatoes

On 12 February 1999 the ACNFP published a press release on research undertaken at the Rowett Institute on GM potatoes.

ACNFP statement on the effect of GM soya on newborn rats

2005: At its 24 November 2005 meeting, the Committee was asked to consider a report provided to it by Dr Irina Ermakova which contained the results from a preliminary study conducted in Russia on the offspring of rats given flour from genetically modified (herbicide-tolerant) soya beans. At this meeting the Committee agreed to issue a statement outlining its comments on this report.

ACNFP consideration of greenpeace report on Genetic Modification

1998: The Greenpeace report written by Dr Parr entitled Genetic engineering: too good to go wrong was sent to all ACNFP members by post. This response represents their collective views. Whilst the ACNFP's remit focuses on the food safety implications of GMOs, members were invited to comment on all aspects of the report.

ACNFP response To Friends of the Earth report - The Great Food Gamble

2001: The report sets out the reasons why the Friends of the Earth is opposed to the introduction of GMOs and why they believe the current regulatory system for the safety assessment for GM foods, is inadequate. The ACNFP felt they should respond since the report questions fundamental aspects of the safety assessment of GM foods, which is currently carried out by the ACNFP.