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Professor Susan Duthie

Last updated: 24 August 2020

Professor Duthie is the Associate Head of School for Pharmacy & Life Sciences (PaLS), the largest School at the Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen. As the Lead for Translational Research within the School, she is responsible for developing and giving strategic direction for research within the organisation. In addition, Professor Duthie is the REF2021 coordinator for the School. Before joining RGU in 2014, Professor Duthie was a senior researcher at the Rowett Research Institute. She still holds an honorary professorial position at the University of Aberdeen.

Professor Duthie’s particular area of expertise is how diet affects human health, particularly how nutrition influences cell function and genomic stability. Poor folate status has been implicated in the aetiology of both heart disease and malignant transformation and the current focus of her research is to establish how folate influences DNA stability in relation to CVD and colorectal cancer. Poor folate status has also been implicated in the aetiology of low fertility, adverse pregnancy outcomes and foetal abnormalities in the new born, and poor cognitive function and dementia in the elderly. In collaboration with other research groups, Professor Duthie has examined the role of folic acid in colorectal and cervical cancer human trials, in ageing and cognitive function and in pregnancy and development.

Professor Duthie is currently a member of the EU COST Network on the comet assay in human biomonitoring management committee (UK representative 2016-current) and the Association for Applied Biology (ABB) & Food Systems Working Group committee member.  She has been a Board Member of Aberdeen Science Centre since 2015.

Professor Susan Duthie has been a member of the ACNFP since 2012.

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Trustee of Aberdeen Science Centre (2018-present)


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UK Environmental Mutagen Society Molecular Epidemiology (Secretary)(2014-2016)


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Rank Prize Funds (Funded PhD Studentship)(2014-2017)

Tenovus UK (Funded PhD Studentship)(2014-2017)

Scottish Government (RESAS) (Research Funding)(2014-2017)