ACNFP Publication Scheme

Freedom of Information

The ACNFP,  along with every other public authority from November 2002, has a legal duty under Section 19 of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) 2000.

These require the committee to:

  • adopt and maintain a scheme which relates to the publication of information by the authority and to have that scheme approved by the Information Commissioner;
  • publish information in accordance with that scheme; and
  • review the scheme from time to time.

The publication scheme specifies:

  • the classes of information which the public authority publishes (or intends to publish);
  • the manner in which information in each class is, (or is intended to be), published and;
  • whether the material is (or is intended to be) available free of charge or on payment of a fee.

The aim of the ACNFP publication scheme is to bring together in one place the many differing types of information that are issued by the Committee in the discharge of its public functions in a clear and structured manner.

The scheme will categorise the information type and provide details on how to obtain it. The overall benefit to our stakeholders and others is to save time and effort in searching and securing relevant Committee information.